Loyalty Card

TSG Loyalty Card

The Sachdev Group presents loyalty program designed exclusively for TSG Group customers.



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Loyalty Card also comes with a Digital Interface.

Welcome Bonus Points are awarded at the time of issuing TSG Loyalty Card.

2 Gift Vouchers are given at time of issuing TSG Loyalty Card.

TSG Loyalty Points are awarded on net invoice value up to and not exceeding Rs.1 Lac ( i.e. after discount and before tax).

Referral Points can only be earned on a new car purchased from TSG.

Exchange Points can be earned by exchanging your old car with a new car from TSG.

Bonus Points can be earned during transactions at each touch points from TSG Group.

Pre-owned cars of any brands are eligible for exchange points.

TSG Loyalty Card Points include:

  • Welcome Bonus Points
  • Referral Points
  • Exchange Points
  • Bonus Points

Accumulated points can only be redeemed/ used across TSG.

TSG Loyalty Card Holder can enroll total 3 cars of Toyota, Ford and Hyundai brands to the card.


TSG Loyalty Card can be used across all TSG outlets.

TSG Loyalty Card is non- transferable.

TSG Loyalty Card comes with lifetime validity from the date of issue. 

TSG Loyalty Bonus Points can be earned on the following transactions:

  • Servicing or Repair of car
  • Purchase of Car Accessories
  • New Paid Insurance
  • Renewal Insurance

Referral Points- Maximum 3 referrals that have been converted into purchase of new car across TSG can be added to a TSG Loyalty Card in a year.

Exchange Points- Maximum 2 car exchanges are permitted in a year on a card.

Exchange points will be awarded only if the old car being exchanged is registered in the name of the TSG loyalty card holder or in the name of the spouse of the TSG loyalty card holder.

Note in the case of spouse, proof of relation is to be taken.

TSG Loyalty Card Points are not en-cashable or transferable.

TSG Loyalty Card Points earned are equal to Indian Rupee. For example, 100 points earned is equal to 100 Indian Rupees.

TSG Loyalty Card Points awarded for a particular transaction cannot be redeemed/ used up against the same transaction.

Redemption of TSG Loyalty Card Points

Loyalty Card comes no Redemption limit.

Redemption can be done using Card No./Registration No. (Vehicles added in card)/Mobile No.

TSG Loyalty Bonus Points can be Redeemed on the transactions at all touch points, including:

  • Car service
  • Value-added services (Tyres and Battery)
  • Vehicle detailing services (3M and Waxoyl car care products)
  • Accessories
  • Insurance, etc.

Exchange Points can be redeemed / used up after 48hours on exchange of next car.


Zero Investment on Purchase of TSG Loyalty Card

In exchange of TSG Loyalty Card purchase worth 1000 Rupees, you get instant benefit worth 1100 Rupees.

  • On purchase of TSG Loyalty Card you receive 100 welcome bonus points, which is equal to 100 Rupees.
  • 2 Gift Vouchers worth 1000 Rupees, ( 500 Rupees each) is given :
    1. Service Gift Voucher (validity 6 months) - Instantly redeemable. Allows for discount of 500 Rupees on purchase of Tyres/Batteries/Dry Cleaning/ Value Added Services (3M Products) at our service centers.
    2. Insurance Renewal Gift Voucher ( validity 2 years) - allows you to get a discount of 500 Rupees on purchase of insurance renewal.

TSG Loyalty Points- For every transaction, loyalty points worth 1% of net invoice value are added on to the card (i.e. after discount and before taxes).

TSG Loyalty Cardholder can earn loyalty points through transactions done across TSG with the cars added to the card.

Referral Points- TSG Loyalty Card Holder can give up to 3 new car referral customers in a year and can earn up to 9000 points, which is equal to 9000 Rupees. Therefore, 1 new car referral customer is equal to 3000 Rupees.

Exchange Points- On exchange of old car with new car from TSG, 3000 pre-loaded (which have been earned earlier on exchange of first car from TSG) points can be redeemed along with other points.

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